Be an advocate…Become an Ally!

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January 12, 2021
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January 28, 2021
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Be an advocate…Become an Ally!

Have you ever thought “I’d like to get more involved but I don’t know how?” The Cupboard Ally program might be for you!

Our friends Pastor Quintell & his wife, Christie of Multiply Church in Monroe, have been going “above & beyond” recently to help a neighbor in need who found his way to their church a few weeks ago.

They learned that this neighbor, “Brad” walked to church from the hotel next door where he’d been staying. They learned he gave his last $1 in offering, “not knowing where he’d get his next meal, how long he’d be able to stay in the hotel he’s in, or if he’ll be able to find work,” Christie said.

The couple have been helping him apply for various resources, including a possible space in the Community Shelter’s rehousing program. Of course, we’re a resource here at Common Heart to help them make sure he has enough food.

Hearing about their desire to go the extra mile to help, it reminded me of our Cupboard Ally program where volunteers looking to go a bit deeper deliver groceries & hope to several local hungry families each month.

Volunteer Nancy Hance (left) delivers groceries monthly as a Cupboard Ally at our new Marshville location. Here, our East Union Pantry Manager Teresa Miller loads her vehicle with fresh produce, meat & more!

The Cupboard Ally volunteer opportunity puts you at the forefront of this small revolution of kindness and exemplifies how we wish to serve; neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend. 

It’s our desire that, over time, those monthly interactions blossom into text, email or phone call check-ins throughout the month… and maybe even a friendship or two!

Sound intriguing? We have an online informational meeting scheduled for this Sunday (Jan. 24) at 4 p.m. Register here. We need more Allies to serve, especially from our new Marshville location.

Questions? Call us! 704-218-9060 or email

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