Join the Small Revolution of Kindness

Volunteer opportunities!

Did you know that if we were fully staffed with regular volunteers (serving at least 3 hours each month) it would take 300 volunteers? Right now, this work is being done by 250 regular volunteers. So we still have room for you to serve!

We do a lot of different things so we need all kinds of different volunteers..

  • Morning Pantry volunteers – Delivery, grocery rescue, sorters and stockers
  • Monday, Tuesday & Thursday Evening Pantry volunteers
  • Administrative area volunteers: Receptionist, office assistant, project managers, special event planners.
  • Volunteers with some extra training we provide – Tax Preparation & Allies for families moving out of poverty
  • Specialized talents: finance, web design, network administrator, videographer, board members, etc
  • Special Events Volunteers: volunteers to assist with the planning and execution of our banquet, fundraisers, special distributions.

Contact us for other volunteer opportunities!

Yes - SchoolYes - Court RelatedNo

IndividualFamilySmall Group (five or less)Group (more than 5)

PantriesLiteracyEconomic Empowerment AllyTax ServiceAdministrativeFundraisingOther

Under 18YesNo