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Our very own Common Heart long-time volunteer, Emmett Ballard, is competing to be named Mr. Fitness in Muscle & Fitness magazine. The grand prize is $20K which he has pledged to donate to help our community! Emmett, a personal trainer, is a Cupboard Ally volunteer delivering groceries and encouragement to local families each month. The folks on his route have become like family and he and his wife, Michelle, are a blessing to so many!
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Thank you for your support as together we meet the needs of hungry neighbors. 

During this pandemic and the economic aftermath, now more than ever, we need to pull together as a community.  Thank you for being there for our neighbors. Your continuing monthly support will sustain this revolution of kindness monthly as it expands geographically covering the whole of Union County. Neighbors throughout our county will experience your generosity through nine Common Heart pantry locations and our four economic empowerment and literacy locations.  Your support is making it possible to reach the areas of the deepest need in our community.

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