Join The Cupboard Ally Movement

Our Common Cupboard

Common Cupboard is our delivery based food pantry established in 2006.  It began as a way for two caring ladies to visit families and bring much needed groceries. For years, it was the only way we distributed food to families who could use a little helping hand. Currently, more than 350 local families each month receive about a week’s worth of groceries delivered with love by someone who cares.

A Connected Community Moved By Love

“She’s always been there for us, which means so much. Just knowing someone cares enough to make sure you have the food you need. You don’t realize there are people out there like that.” – Lola

You never know what a person is going through. Sometimes I’m in a mood but when they get here, it lifts my spirits because sometimes I’m by myself all day. They always give me a good word of encouragement. Just a phone call lifts up my spirits. It means a lot that someone thinks about me.” – Patricia

Cupboard Ally FAQ

What is the Cupboard Ally volunteer opportunity?
  • It is a longer-term, more impactful opportunity for individuals, 21 years or older, looking to serve in an engaging, relational, and committed capacity, loving and serving neighbors.
  • Cupboard Allies bring a heart that is non-judgmental and open as you seek to become an intentional friend of a neighbor or family.
  • Serve your neighbors with no strings attached or personal agendas, only with love and encouragement.
  • This is not efficiency, this is about human connection – serving one heart at a time.
  • A Cupboard Ally realizes that they have much to learn from developing friendships with individuals with life experiences different than their own.
  • Take a person-to-person approach, serving in a way in which Common Heart itself is invisible.
What do Cupboard Allies do?
  • Cupboard Allies deliver groceries to 2-6 neighbors and visit with the same neighbors one Saturday each month for as long as both neighbors and volunteers choose to participate.
  • Allies get to know their neighbors by checking in at least 3 times a month by phone, text, or email.
Why do we deliver groceries to home?

By visiting people, developing relationships and seeing needs first hand, we can make a difference in a way that we couldn’t from an institutional approach. Using a “central distribution” model would not facilitate this as well as visiting families in their homes. It may take time and energy, but we believe it is worth it.

Who are the neighbors served by Cupboard Allies?

The neighbors are those who ask for help and struggle daily and might have lost some hope. They know that our delivery service isn’t just about someone delivering food. It’s about relationships. Our Neighbors know that they will get a new friend who will offer support, encouragement and resources through Common Heart’s network. They help bridge the gap and spread kindness. With enough of these things neighbors come out of poverty and have hope again.

Why become a Cupboard Ally
  • It will plug you into this network of resources and relationships in your community
  • Reciprocal exchange of knowledge, experiences, and support
    • We all have gifts to share, we all have something to contribute
  • Ally Community Meetings on Zoom
    • Support of service with other Cupboard Allies
  • The Power of TED*
    • Provides an understanding of empowering relationships
  • Bridges Out of Poverty
    • Mental models, causes of poverty
    • Provides an understanding of the instability of poverty and the hidden rules of the environment
  • ABCD Training (Asset Based Community Development)
    • Relationships build a community: People must be connected in order for sustainable community development to take place.
  • You will receive initial and ongoing training.

The Cupboard Ally program puts you at the forefront of this revolution of kindness and exemplifies how we wish to serve; neighbor-to-neighbor, friend-to-friend.

Hear From Current Cupboard Allies

“Being a Cupboard Ally means putting actions to your desires to see a better community. I enjoy being a part of someone else’s story and seeing them get back on their feet. I want to see everyone in my community empowered and thriving.” – Harry

“I have been so blessed by the families I serve. I know their pets. I know their extended family. I look forward to seeing them every month.” – Lisa Schoenberger

“The Common Heart Cupboard Ally is not only important for families in financial need and who have difficulty with transportation, but also it is a way to connect to the other services that Common Heart provides.” – Vladimir Sylvestre