Our Vision

Create a small revolution of kindness in our community to eradicate food insecurity and eliminate generational poverty.

Traditional Pantries

We offer three pantries each week featuring  government commodities through the USDA program known as The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).  In  addition we provide fresh produce and baked goods.  Families must be Union County, NC residents and qualify under this government program to receive food.  We offer three traditional pantry locations: Monday evenings in Hemby Bridge at Mill Grove United Methodist Church, Tuesdays at Wingate Baptist Church in Wingate, and Thursdays at  Union United Methodist Church in Wesley Chapel.  Union County residents can go to one of these pantries once per calendar month.

Mobile Pantries

Our on-the-go, mobile pantries for Union County residents are held throughout the year in partnership with Friendship Missionary Baptist Church and the Community Shelter of Union County, both in Monroe, Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Waxhaw and Liberty Hill Missionary Baptist Church in Wesley Chapel.

Common Cupboard

Our relationship-based pantry operates out of our offices in Indian Trail. It provides an opportunity for your family, church or business to serve a hungry neighbor by delivering a practical demonstration of God’s love in the form of a week’s worth of groceries. The family in need can be from anywhere in the region as long as you are willing to deliver the groceries. Our goal is to maintain relationships and encourage new transformative ones through one-on-one serving.

Getting Ahead

A 17 week investigation into poverty, our lives and our community.  Participants work together in a focus / empowerment wor group to discover together what it takes to move their families into a more stable and prosperous life. Their investigations also prepare them to become leaders for change in our community and members of Advocates for Change.

Staying Ahead

A series of courses designed to build the resources and break down the barriers uncovered during Getting Ahead.  These courses are designed specifically for families who have struggled with generational poverty and build upon the problem solving skills that these household leaders already possess.

Advocates for Change

Advocates for Change brings together community members from poverty, middle class and wealth to build relationships, stabilize families and plot a new future story for Union County.

R Rules

Prepares youth in generational poverty to break out of the cycle of poverty and instability by exploring their own potential and implement plans to achieve their dreams for a brighter future story. It is part of our two generation approach to upward mobility in the Metrolina.

Literacy Volunteers

Common Heart Literacy Volunteers is the newest addition in the Getting Ahead in the Metrolina Initiative. Literacy is a key foundation stone to improve economic mobility and community engagement. Addressing literacy directly impacts economic mobility. About 26% of our population lives at a low-income level. Many low-income adults have deficiencies in reading, math, basic financial literacy, and life skills. This creates conditions that lock them into low wage jobs, making it nearly impossible to provide for their families.

Bridges Out of Poverty Workshops

These workshops are designed for community workers, employers, institutional leaders, and volunteers to understand the causes of poverty and the resources necessary for a family to create upward mobility.  It provides a framework and language for those from poverty , middle class and wealth to collaborate together to create a sustainable future for families and our community

Poverty Simulation

Members of Advocates for Change offer poverty simulations to organizations, churches, schools, and in our community to help us walk in the experience of those who live at or near poverty.

Free Tax Services

Offered only during Tax season and in partnership with the IRS VITA program and Community Link of Charlotte, trained and certified Common Heart volunteers prepare taxes for the low to moderate income families at our facilities.

Medicare Enrollment Assistance

Fridays during Medicare open enrollment in the fall, The Council on Aging in Union County provides Medicare Enrollment Assistance at Common Heart. This program provides needed, unbiased guidance for Senior Citizens to choose the best Meidcare Prescription Drug Program for their family.  It saves Seniors hundreds of dollars annually.