Common Heart Staff

Nothing we do at Common Heart would be possible without our amazing volunteers. Leadership for this small revolution of kindness is provided by an equally amazing group of people, our staff, and we are so lucky to have them! These folks have dedicated themselves to Common Heart’s mission and it shows in everything they do. We are proud to present our team to you.

Keith Adams

Executive Director

Kerry Guley

Operations Director

Corey Tossas

Indian Trail Pantry Manager

Rick Fliss

Indian Trail Evening Pantries Manager

Sandy Reid

Economic Empowerment Manager

Kara Lopp

Community Engagement Manager

Neyda Zaldivar

Office Manager

Dana Presley

Indian Trail Pantry Assistant

Glenda Chavis

Administrative Assistant

Shaleel Johnson

Volunteer Coordinator

Kristina Aquilone

Philanthropy Director
Kristina Aquilone

Teresa Miller

East Union Pantry Manager
Teresa Miller

R.J. Lightsey

Literacy Program Manager