Unexpected kindness during tough times

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June 14, 2022
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June 27, 2022
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Unexpected kindness during tough times

Last week one of our Cupboard Ally volunteers, Kim, had to step down because with rising prices, she needed to pick up extra hours at work. That meant no free Saturdays for food delivery.

Another Ally volunteer began visiting the neighbors Kim had served. When he visited David he gave him an envelope with $10 to be given to his former Ally volunteer, Kim. David doesn’t have much, but what little extra he had he wanted to help his friend Kim just like she had helped him delivering groceries and hope each month for the last 4 months. WOW!!

This brought us all to tears, including David’s new Ally volunteer who even donated an extra $50 for us to give to her. What kindness! 

Stories like this one remind us what this small revolution of kindness is all about! Meeting needs, loving our neighbors, becoming friends! We are a community moved by love.

Summer is here. Kids are home. And with the extra challenges of rising prices we anticipate a sharp increase in the number of families needing help in the next few months. 

Please consider how you can help whether that’s volunteering, hosting a food drive, sharing our social media posts and/or donating to help feed our neighbors. This is truly a community effort! 

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