‘Very grateful’ the vet clinic was here

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June 10, 2022
Unexpected kindness during tough times
June 20, 2022
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‘Very grateful’ the vet clinic was here

“We are very grateful. There’s no way we could do this without you guys.” That was the response from one of our Getting Ahead graduates at last weekend’s free veterinary clinic with her 3 dogs who were there for treatment. Her daughter, a current GA participant, was also there with her 3 cats + 3 one-week old kittens. (AWWW!!!!)

Thanks to our friends at The Street Dog Coalition, about 40 pets got free medical care including any necessary shots, heartworm tests, flea and ear mite treatments and preventatives like tick, fleas & heartworms… all for free!

There was a kitten who had an infection checked out too and went home with some free medications. Any pets that weren’t already spayed or neutered received vouchers to have those surgeries performed for free at a local clinic. Pet food & supplies like leashes and bowls were passed out too!

This was our second partnership with Street Dog and we’re looking forward to being able to host more vet clinics to help more struggling families keep their pets healthy.

Thanks Street Dog!

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