‘New way to serve’

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October 22, 2021
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October 29, 2021
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‘New way to serve’

Howard Williams is only in his third month as a Cupboard Ally volunteer and already sees some friendships blossoming with the neighbors he’s delivering groceries to.

He’s serving two widowed women, both elderly — one just celebrated her 90th Birthday!

“The day we first met she was sharing about her husband and son and was thanking me for delivering the food,” Howard said. “I was like ‘no, don’t thank me. Thank you for letting me be able to.’ We just thanked God together and were both grateful for the interaction.”

Growing up Howard said his family needed help from food pantries and other resources so he’s thrilled to be able to give back now.

“This experience has allowed me to look inside myself and treasure this new way to serve,” he said.

Thanks so much Howard for your kindness! If you’re interested in becoming a Cupboard Ally volunteer, email Volunteer@CommonHeart.org. We need hundreds (literally!) of volunteers on Saturday, Nov. 20 to deliver Thanksgiving feasts to our neighbors … if you can help, sign up online at: Turkeys.CommonHeart.org

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