Love in Action season is here!

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September 8, 2022
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September 26, 2022
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Love in Action season is here!

When Tacara Howard walked into her first Getting Ahead group session she was “heavy hearted.” Still grieving the loss of her Mom, she had just gotten out of a bad relationship, was homeless, unemployed and sleeping in her car. This single Mom of two boys, ages 9 & 14, was about to give up, when a friend and graduate of Getting Ahead suggested she give the group a try. “I was trying a lot of different things to get back on track but until Getting Ahead nothing seemed to be working. I felt like I was back at square one so I thought ‘why not give something new a try?’ I’m so glad I did. Getting Ahead saved my life.” 

It’s your generosity, your support, your volunteering that saved Tacara’s life! 

  Can you imagine how Tacara felt struggling with life’s challenges, homelessness, food for her kids and without a job? Hopeless, frustrated, not knowing where to turn. 

  But, because of you Tacara, her two sons and tens of thousands of our neighbors have not gone to bed hungry and woke up to breakfast the next day. Because of your support Tacara and 50 other family leaders get the full benefit of the empowering Getting Ahead investigations that make a life beyond poverty more than just a dream. Today Tacara and her two boys are housed. She has a job and is looking for a better one. She is creating a better future for herself and her kids

  Tacara’s story is a story of kindness. It includes kind and hospitable pantry volunteers. A friend and graduate of Getting Ahead offering encouragement and hope. New friends, in fact a dozen of them, who investigated the effects of poverty in their lives. More new friends, the Advocates for Change community from different backgrounds supporting and encouraging her new future. A volunteer coach assisting her to prepare for a better job. And the admiration of her boys who see her as their hero! And, it’s all because of your support.

  This is Love in Action season around here. A season of generosity and celebration. Will you participate through giving generously, inviting others to join the small revolution and celebrating with us during the Love in Action Gala on October 7?

How can you keep this small revolution of kindness going?  

  • Donate a special gift to provide food, encouragement, training, support and hope to local families. Make it a recurring donation and your impact is even greater.
  • Attend Common Heart’s Gala, Love In Action “Unmasking the Beauty of Kindness” on Friday, October 7, 2022. You can also purchase a table and host your family & friends for an evening out!
  • Spread the word by creating a Facebook fundraiser and invite your friends to be a part of Love in Action 2022.

 You can donate, RSVP and find out more about creating a Facebook fundraiser online at Tickets for Love in Action are $50 per person, $90 for two, and a table of 8 for $300.  

Thanks for being a big part of this small revolution of kindness!

Keith Adams

Executive Director

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