Have you ever wanted to help guide someone out of poverty?

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October 21, 2020
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October 29, 2020
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Have you ever wanted to help guide someone out of poverty?

Common Heart online workshop starts Nov. 8

Executive business planner and Common Heart volunteer Peter Ochs has a passion for seeing people succeed in life. That’s why, he said, he’s had such a great experience serving as an Ally for Getting Ahead graduate, Cori, who’s on her journey out of poverty.    

“Being an Ally is a rewarding and eye opening experience,” Peter said. “It’s so much fun to share your knowledge and ideas with individuals that have so much untapped talent and really just need support like each of us did at some point in our lives. I’ve also picked up new perspectives from the individuals that have walked a different road and have challenges that require different solutions.  It’s truly humbling and fulfilling.” 

Common Heart’s upcoming Bridges Out of Poverty workshop is specially designed for those who would like to serve as life coaches and allies in this unique program. The workshop will be held online over 2 days: Sunday, Nov. 8 & Sunday, Dec. 6 from 2-5:30 p.m. Suggested donation of $20 per person for class materials, which includes a workbook. Register online at: Workshops.CommonHeart.org 

“If you’ve ever considered walking with somebody on their journey out of poverty, this workshop is for you,” Common Heart Executive Director Keith Adams said. Adams is a certified Bridges Out of Poverty trainer and will be leading the workshop. “When these household leaders graduate they have developed a future story and a SMART Goal plan.  A key to their success is having a support group and the bridging social capital to assist them in this journey. This workshop is designed specifically to educate those who will serve as a coach, an ally or a part of their support network.”

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