Common Heart volunteer pens children’s book

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October 16, 2020
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October 29, 2020
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Common Heart volunteer pens children’s book

You can bid on a copy in our Common Heart Auction Group!

When Common Heart volunteer Rich Scalea was visiting the New Jersey boardwalk enjoying a Nathan’s hot dog he just happened to see a woman walk by with a Dachshund (aka “weiner dog”) named Nathan. (Get it?!? Ha ha!)

Rich Scalea

“Most appropriate,” he thought…and the dream of a children’s book about the adventures of a rescued weiner dog was born.

In Rich’s book, the friendly and outgoing pup is named Relish (because it’s a must for hot dogs!) and after he’s adopted and gets into some fun mischief with his new family, he becomes a therapy dog and steps right into his new role comforting children in the hospital. Relish forms incredible bonds with these children and remembers each one. 

Rich, a parent and grandparent himself, said he’s always enjoyed writing — he has journals and journals at home filled with poems he crafted. He’s not looking to get rich, he just wants to spread the story of love and kindness. When he’s not writing or playing golf (another favorite hobby), Rich enjoys serving as a Grocery Rescue volunteer picking up donated fresh produce, bread, desserts & deli items from local grocery stores once a week for our neighbors in need. 

“The feedback from the children is all I need,” he said. “When I wrote this, I was imagining a parent or grandparent reading it to a child and seeing their reaction.” 

Relish featured as local author pick at Barnes & Noble.

Rich has generously donated a hardcover copy of Relish to our fundraising Common Heart Auction Group on Facebook and it’s up for bid now! Rich will autograph the book and can write a special message to the winner or whoever they may be gifting it to (what a special holiday gift!). 

You can also purchase copies at local Barnes & Noble stores, Park Road Books and on Amazon. 

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