Bridges Out of Poverty Workshops

Bridges Out of Poverty aims to develop a shared understanding and framework to collaborate and build a sustainable community where all can thrive. The second day focuses on applying the concepts across sectors to improve outcomes for families and communities that are under-resourced.

This workshop gives leaders, administrators, staff, employers, emergency service workers, teachers, and other community members and volunteers the common language, understanding and tools to prevent and alleviate poverty. Participants increase awareness of how economic class impacts life experience, resources and stability. Customer service and teamwork in business and community settings are improved. New insights will create strategies to improve individual, institutional and community based outcomes.

This workshop is based on the book Bridges Out Of Poverty: Strategies for Professionals and Communities a collaboration between Ruby K. Payne, Philip DeVol, and Terie Dreussi Smith.


Meeting each first Wednesday of the month virtually Keith Adams, Executive Director of Common Heart and Steering Committee member of Thrive! Union, will be presenting a 1 hour workshop introducing Bridges out of Poverty framework to understand and address poverty.

  • Wednesday January 6:  Watch your Language!  (Registers of Language)  How does the use of language differ between economic classes? Could this explain some of the challenges that agencies and businesses have when working with lower wage workers and clients? Understanding the registers of language, voices, and conversation patterns can transform relationships and create better outcomes.
  • Wednesday February 3: Home is where … Where a person lives (or stays, to use the language of poverty) has an ongoing impact on families living in the environment of poverty. Family structure, neighborhood, safety and childhood experiences have major impacts affecting generational poverty and upward mobility. This workshop will dive further into these considerations.