Welcome, Kyril!

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March 21, 2023
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March 27, 2023
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Welcome, Kyril!

Indian Trail Office Assistant

We’re so excited to introduce you to another new staff member as we grow – Kyril Adams. If you’ve called our Indian Trail office recently you’ve probably talked with Kyril!

As the Indian Trail Office Assistant, Kyril answers phone calls, does data entry and helps keep our website up to date. The youngest son of Common Heart co-founders Keith & Deb Adams, Kyril has been serving his neighbors for 16+ years since before the nonprofit even had a name!

Kyril said after college graduation, he wanted to gain “more experience working with computers and I also wanted to be able to help serve people in need.” Kyril enjoys playing video games online, (especially Runescape and Final Fantasy XIV) and wants to start streaming video games online for others to watch and even create his own games! He’s been working very hard at losing weight (and doing great!!) and loves spending time with his cat, Wasabi.

Welcome Kyril! You can reach Kyril at 704-940-5758 or email IndianTrailOffice@CommonHeart.org.

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  1. Lana Kay Helms says:

    Hello, Kyril,
    My name is Kay Helms. I am seeking information on how to get food from a food pantry. I am one of 3 senior citizens over the age of 70 in our home. With the rise of inflation, it is becoming harder for us to afford groceries. We have a lot of health issues also and I am reaching out for any available help.
    Thank you

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