Welcome, Jurivia!

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August 16, 2023
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Welcome, Jurivia!

We’re thrilled to welcome the newest member of our staff, Jurivia Rojas, Cupboard Ally Program Manager.

Jurivia said she wanted to work with Common Heart because of “the opportunity to make a difference.” She’s a Monroe native who “saw and experienced first-hand how hunger impacts our community. Working here I saw an opportunity to spread hope and love.”

With her bright smile and contagious laugh, Jurivia is quickly becoming a volunteer & neighbor favorite.

“So far working at Common Heart has been a blast. I have met so many wonderful people,” she said. “We all share a common goal which is to help our community, and it gives a breath of fresh air knowing that together we really can make a difference”

Jurivia is mom to a bubbly 2-year-old boy and in her free time she loves to crochet and knit. She also has a hamster named Hamilton.

You can reach Jurivia at 980-443-3841 or email CupboardAlly@CommonHeart.org.

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