Volunteer vies for ‘Mr. Fitness’ title and $20K donation

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June 3, 2021
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June 24, 2021
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Volunteer vies for ‘Mr. Fitness’ title and $20K donation

Common Heart has the chance to WIN $20,000 thanks to a pledge from one of our own volunteers who is participating in an online fitness contest.

Long-time volunteer and personal trainer, Emmett Ballard, is competing to be named Mr. Fitness in Muscle & Fitness magazine. The grand prize is $20,000 which he has pledged to donate to Common Heart if he wins. Emmett, 38 of Waxhaw, is a Cupboard Ally volunteer delivering groceries and encouragement to local families each month. 

It’s something he and wife Michelle have kept up for more than 8 years and says they see “their neighbors” as extended family. The couple have two daughters, ages 9 & 7, and they often bring them along too to serve. Their monthly routes include low-income seniors who often struggle with health issues and many hard-working families just trying to survive, including one family with 10 children.  

“We believe in it so much because going into these homes the people are so grateful to see us and to know that someone cares enough to bring them food,” Emmett said. “Sometimes people just want a little hope in their life. By us bringing groceries it frees them up to think about other things instead of where their next meal’s coming from. They can be more present in life, and the kids more present in school. For us, it’s just been a blessing to help out.”

Help Emmett win (and Common Heart get $20K!!) by voting once/day online through Thursday, June 24 which is the end of the first round. Voting will continue through several rounds of competition before a final winner is selected Aug. 5. 

Vote online at: https://featured.muscleandfitness.com/2021/emmett

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