Spreading kindness … one T-shirt at a time

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September 3, 2020
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September 11, 2020
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Spreading kindness … one T-shirt at a time

We got a phone call yesterday from a local grandmother who was so excited to share a story about the difference our volunteer T-shirt was making (yes….we said a T-shirt!). 

Her grandson volunteered with us for the first time at our Mill Grove food pantry and loved it so much that he’s been wearing our volunteer T-shirt every. day. since. Yes– every day! (but don’t worry — Grandma makes him wash it between wears). He’s even been wearing it to work!

What’s so special about this T-shirt?  Is it the color? The cotton/polyester blend? Perhaps it’s the flattering cut? NO, the magical properties of this T-shirt are, well…not existent on their own. You see, each one of our volunteer T-shirts is designed with a quote about kindness or compassion. It’s the “small revolution of kindness” message that resonates with people. 

Especially now, the world needs more kindness. Our expansion project to open the East Union Empowerment Center in Marshville is just another way — a powerful way — to spread kindness and help to our neighbors in need in a very underserved area of Union County. 

That’s why we launched our #StrongerTogether fundraising campaign. We need help (especially in the form of monthly donors) to sustain this new location for years to come. We don’t want this Center  — which will include a food pantry, classroom space and a childcare area — to be “just” a pandemic thing. We want the kindness (and help) to go farther, longer. And thanks to your help, it will! 

You can give now online at Donate.CommonHeart.org or mail us a check. 

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