Single Mom gets $8K tax refund

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April 1, 2022
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April 3, 2022
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Single Mom gets $8K tax refund

Tax service success story!!!!

The coordinator of our free income tax service just came bouncing into my office to tell me the GREAT news… They just got a single Mom of 3 who’s going to school to become a nurse, an $8K tax return! Talk about some happy tears!

This mom said she was so “surprised and relieved” to hear the news! She said she was so grateful that her volunteer tax preparer took the time to go in depth with any deductions or tax credits she was eligible for, including school-related expenses like buying scrubs or paying lab fees for her nursing courses.


**All remaining tax appointments are full. If you need free help filing your taxes, reach out to our friends at Community Link at: 704-943-9490

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