Ruth’s ‘ah ha’ moment

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September 15, 2021
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September 30, 2021
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Ruth’s ‘ah ha’ moment

Getting Ahead graduate Ruth Perez says her “ah ha moment” during the Money & Me class hit on a topic that she loves — ice cream.

Ruth Perez (right) is a recent Getting Ahead graduate and loves participating in our Staying Ahead workshops.

Regular trips to a local ice cream shop with her 10-member household (of three generations!) is expensive, but before taking this class they wouldn’t think twice about visiting as often as they wanted. Now she realizes how seemingly little things like that really add up and how much they’re saving on sweet treats by buying ice cream and cones at the grocery store.

“Money & Me spoke into our normal lives. It really helps you think about what you’re spending and how little things add up. Before it was like ‘I can swipe my card and oh well.’ I wasn’t keeping track of my expenses. Now I started saving all my receipts and I’m being more conscious of what I’m spending.”

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