Our Christmas Wish …

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December 10, 2021
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Our Christmas Wish …

A letter from our Executive Director, Keith Adams.

As I think about what you and this community have done, I can say that the dream of a small revolution of kindness is happening. And Our Christmas Wish this year is to see this revolution grow exponentially in the hearts of many in our community. And that is exactly what kindness does!  

 Social scientists Nicholas Christakis and James Fowler’s research suggests that kindness and compassion have a ripple effect that extends beyond the person receiving the kindness, but reaches out to their friends and their friends’ friends. In other words, kindness is contagious. One act of kindness, creates another and then another and yet another.  

 I remember seeing the kindness contagion at work. I delivered groceries to my new friend “Betsy” and then got a call later that day that she gave half her food away to a family that needed it! And then that family would tell me of another family who needed groceries! Later that year “Betsy” started cooking breakfast and inviting people walking down the street to come in for breakfast! 

 I pray we all catch the kindness bug in 2022! 

 As we close out the year, I ask for a specific act of kindness.  Would you make a generous year end gift? Would you consider a monthly recurring donation helping to sustain the momentum of this small revolution of kindness? 

 As we move into 2022 your support will be needed more than  ever. And for the rst time in years every taxpayer will be able to  deduct some of their generosity from their taxes. Would you  consider supporting this small revolution of kindness with a  generous holiday gift? You can set up your recurring donation or  give your holiday gift at Donate.CommonHeart.org or use the  enclosed envelope. 

Wishing you a healthy, hopeful and love filled holiday season! 

Keith Adams 

Executive Director 

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