Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation!

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June 20, 2023
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July 11, 2023
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Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation!

“I am a single mom of two amazing kids. I work real hard to keep a roof over their heads and make sure they are well fed and have all they need. But it is getting tougher.” Anna didn’t have to worry much about food until prices started going up and then her food stamps were reduced this spring.  “Now the kids are out of school. I hate having to ask for help, but I can’t make it without coming out to your pantry. I am not worried about me, I’ll survive. 

But it’s my kids …  Thank God for you!”  

It’s stories like Anna’s that we hear all the time. The details change, but the gist is the same. Your generosity touches the hearts and meets the needs of thousands in our community. You provide a lifeline, and this is especially true during the summer season of hunger. To use Anna’s words, “Thank God for you!”
Summer is tough for families experiencing food insecurity and poverty. Without having the same access to free or reduced price breakfast and lunch creates a big stress on childhood hunger during the summer months. And this summer, it is particularly difficult. Decreased food stamps this spring and the high prices at the grocery store are making this a particularly difficult summer for the 13,000 neighbors, including over 6,000 children, who count on a Common Heart pantry for food.  
Unlike many of us, hunger doesn’t take a vacation during the summer. It intensifies for families like Anna’s. The summer months are tough for nonprofits like Common Heart, too. The need goes up, and the funding goes down.
As I get ready for a few days of vacation myself, I’m making a special donation and joining the Kindness Champions at Would you join me? I don’t want Anna or any of my friends to have to face hunger alone.   ~Keith Adams, Executive Director

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