Getting Ahead: Ruth’s story

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Getting Ahead: Ruth’s story

It was the encouragement of her 12-year-old daughter that pushed Ruth Wilson to join Getting Ahead last year. She learned about the focus/empowerment group when she was waiting in line to get groceries from Common Heart’s food pantry at Union United Methodist Church in Waxhaw. She took the flyer and said “maybe” when her daughter piped up “Mom, why don’t you try it?”  

She’s so glad she did! After just graduating from Getting Ahead for the SECOND time  – a requirement since she’s going to be joining as a co-facilitator – Ruth said Getting Ahead has been “life changing” for them both. 

“I needed to improve, especially for her. I wasn’t motivated, I was procrastinating aIl the time thinking ‘I’ll get to it eventually.’ I’ve improved a lot, especially with my time management skills,” Ruth said. “Life is now better for me and my daughter. I’ve gained a lot of skills and knowledge and am now motivating myself. It’s a little less stressful for me and that makes it better for her, for us both.” 

Ruth has worked in the fast food and shipping industries as well as for a social service agency in another state. But since a workplace injury in 2019 she’s been on disability. Getting Ahead has been the motivation she needs to go back to school to pursue her dream of becoming a family counselor. 

Growing up, I always wanted to be a family counselor but then it was kind of the negativity from others that I let stop me, hearing things like ‘That’s not going to work for you.’  It’s kind of sad because I’d probably be a psychiatrist now if I hadn’t listened to them,” she said. “People have always tended to gravitate to me and tell their troubles or life’s stories. They just talk and I listen.” 

GO Ruth, go!  We can’t wait to hear updates on how your journey continues! 

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