Cupboard Ally Volunteer Training Jan. 20

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January 9, 2024
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Cupboard Ally Volunteer Training Jan. 20

The new year is a perfect time to think about how you can give back. We have lots of ongoing volunteer opportunities and among those, the most urgent is for more Cupboard Ally volunteers to deliver groceries (and hope!) to families once a month!

We currently have a waiting list of 29 families who need monthly delivery! We just added three new volunteers but it seems as soon as we take a few names off the waiting list, more are added. Some of these families have been waiting for food delivery since September!

These families cannot attend our evening pantries — some are elderly, others work during that time, they have special dietary needs, or a disability. This is a great way to make a long-term impact and make a new friend or two!

It’s a very unique and special volunteer opportunity to not just serve these food insecure neighbors, but to also build friendships!

Training is available online, but we have also scheduled an in-person training opportunity Saturday, Jan. 20 from 2-5 pm at our office in Indian Trail.

Interested? Call Jurivia at 980-443-3841 or email for details!

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