Biggest Need: Nonperishables & lots of them!

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April 4, 2023
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April 17, 2023
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Biggest Need: Nonperishables & lots of them!

Like so many of her neighbors, “Anna” had never been to a food pantry before when she messaged us on Facebook recently to ask how she could get food for her children. The need, she said, was “urgent.”

She’s working, but just can’t keep up with the bills, especially with grocery prices on the rise. She wasn’t worried about herself so much, but just wanted to make sure her children had enough to eat.  

During these 16+ years, your kindness and generosity have helped thousands of our neighbors, just like Anna. Your help is critical now to help keep families fed and make sure none of our neighbors goes to bed hungry!

Currently the main source of food for our evening pantries has decreased to 2018 levels when we served just half the number of food insecure neighbors we serve today! We just purchased 4 pallets of food and still our main food pantry warehouse in Indian Trail has many open shelves where pallets of canned goods should be.

How can you help?

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