Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation!

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June 13, 2024
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June 25, 2024
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Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation!

“I hardly have any food left.”  “Samantha,” single mother of two elementary age children. 

Can you feel the frustration, the heart ache, the worry, the fear that this mother came to us with?  It was a challenge for her to come through our door and ask for help. It’s been a balancing act for her with two kids, a full time job and an old car always breaking down. She got a newer, better car and with it, her first car note. Things weren’t balancing this month! 

Now that school’s out, can you imagine what she is going through, working & doing everything she can for her two young kids? It’s tough. Not thinking about vacation, but thinking, “How will I keep it all together AND feed my kids all summer long?” 

During the school year, her kids were guaranteed a free breakfast and lunch. Now, not only does she have to worry about all day childcare, but also about making sure her kids have all the food they need.  

Summer is tough for families experiencing food insecurity and poverty. Not having the same access to free/reduced breakfast and lunch creates a big stress on childhood hunger during the summer months. In fact, in July and August, family pantry attendance goes way up! Before you head out for summer fun and vacation, would you consider either writing a check or going online to donate?

I remember visiting families during the summer when I used to regularly deliver groceries on Saturdays. Those kids used to wait for me. When I would bring cupcakes or Spaghettios, they would dance. I remember one of the kids I served called me Santa, and told me that when I visited it was Christmas in July!

Let’s make sure no kid is hungry this summer. Please. School may be out, but Hunger Doesn’t Take a Vacation. Your generosity is needed so that together we can make sure no child in this community is hungry this summer.

As I get ready for a few days of vacation myself, I’m making a special donation at Will you join me in making sure moms like “Samantha” and the 5,536 kids in our community don’t face summer hunger alone?

Thank you so much for making a difference during this season of hunger!

Executive Director

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