Dear Friend,

We just came off of a wonderful Thanksgiving and I just have to take a moment to thank you for your support over the past years. For nearly 10 years now we have been mobilizing common folks to love and serve their neighbors in need. Through our two Common Cupboard food pantries, together we have fed thousands of our neighbors. Just this past month over 600 friends donated, volunteered and delivered 1000 turkeys with all the trimmings to 1000 families right here in our community. When we started as just 4 friends, 10 years ago, we could have never have imagined the scope of “this small revolution of kindness.” Thank you for being a huge part of this through your giving.

I have to admit that as Christmas approaches I think of gifts. Just this morning I was experiencing anew the excitement of Christmas day. I pictured myself at the top of the stairs in my childhood home, then me and my sister running down to find out what “Santa” brought us. I remember the joy over a train and entire village I received that year.

Now that I am grown older and perhaps wiser, I have new things on my Christmas list. Christmas is a much mellower time for us at my home. There won’t be a lot under the tree. But, what I really wish for can’t fit under a tree; peace and good will among all people, my community without a single hungry family, and no one who is alone without hope. These are tops on Our Christmas Wish list at Common Heart.

As I look into the New Year I know that peace and good will in the world may be too much to expect. However, I believe that together we can significantly impact hunger in our community while increasing peace, good will and hope among our neighbors. Mobilizing people to serve, providing groceries and taking the time to love our neighbor are the hallmarks of what we do.

During this holiday season would you consider helping to make Our Christmas Wish come true? Your financial gifts are tax deductible. You can donate in honor of a friend and we will send them a card acknowledging your gift in their honor. Another way to help is to spread the word and ask your friends to join in and give to see Our Christmas Wish come to pass. Click Join the team below to set up your personalized website to assist with this.

As I think of my childhood memory I realize that the gift of a village is what I still hope for today; a village of friends and neighbors caring about each other and together making a difference. Thank you for being one of these neighbors.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season,

Keith Adams

Keith Adams

Executive Director