What is Common Heart Literacy Volunteers?

Common Heart Literacy Volunteers are community members who care about their neighbors like you.

We are volunteers engaged in a small revolution of kindness in our community.
Literacy impacts every part of a person’s life. Every day we read street signs or a note from our child’s teacher without thinking about it. But so many of our neighbors struggle with these basic tasks. To them, reading is a life line.  Check out this video!

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Tutoring Hours Reporting

Do you know someone who would like to read better or learn English? We tutor Adults who would like to read and write English better and teach English to Speakers of Other Languages.

This program is entirely run by community volunteers. Our neighbors need you to get involved.  Volunteers are needed to staff the office, computer lab, and coordinate our outreaches especially to non-English speaking communities.  Bi-lingual volunteers are needed especially for these positions.  To find out more contact