Getting Ahead & R Rules

Preparing Leaders for Change

Getting Ahead
A work group to empower and engage families in poverty

Getting Ahead in a Just-Gettin'-By-World is a catalyst for change and provides the tools to empower those who are hopeless to write their own future story." 

Cori Favor, Leader for Change and GA Graduate and co-facilitator

Getting Ahead prepares our neighbors from poverty to become Leaders for Change. They are the subject matter expert when it comes to poverty. They know what it’s about. Their investigations during Getting Ahead help them to have a better understanding of poverty’s effects on their lives and in our community. This innovative program has been used throughout the US and in other countries to empower folks in generational and situational poverty to move into stability and self-sustainability.

What makes this work group so unique is that it values the experiences of its participants and hires them as investigators looking into economic class and poverty in our community. Based on a theory of change that has proven to be effective in studies and in the experience of thousands of individuals, this 18-session work group provides an opportunity to learn and develop skills needed to rise out of poverty. 

Our Getting Ahead Investigators work through learning experiences and investigations that prepare the participant to develop an 18-month individualized plan. It’s their plan, based on their future story and goals. Learning takes place through discussions and shared investigations without one person being a teacher. The facilitation process brings out the wisdom of the group and there’s much wisdom in our participants. For more information about Getting Ahead or R Rules contact

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R Rules

Two generation approach to upward mobility

While mom or dad is investigating poverty in Getting Ahead, their teen children explore their own potential and prepare to break through the barriers of poverty in their own lives. The R Rules exposes teens to how to build relationships of mutual respect, and develop the skills and plans to create a new future story.
Our initial work with this innovative program began in February 2019. The two generation approach to break generational poverty guides this initiative. Children need the empowered support of their family, as well as bridging social capital provided by teachers, coaches and counselors. Providing both Getting Ahead and R Rules empowers them and enlarges the support network for these young people to achieve their future stories.