Economic Empowerment

Community Workshops

Current Bridges Workshop registration

The next scheduled Bridges Workshop will be the 7 hour Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop followed by the 7 hour Applying Bridges Concepts. These will be held at Department of Human Services in Monroe.  Please Come back to register after January 1st.  The Workshops will be in March and April.


Basic Training for Kindness Revolutionaries

Whether you have just started with Common Heart or are an old pro, we have designed this Basic Training for Kindness Revolutionaries to orientate you to Common Heart. This has been a long time coming, and we are glad it is finally here.

Throughout the past 10 years Common Heart has been mobilizing caring people to love and serve their neighbor. We have been so focused on helping hungry families, preparing taxes, & processing donations, that the basics of who we are, our DNA, has not been often clearly transmitted to our volunteers. What makes this organization different is not what we do, but how we do it. And so this video course has been developed to pass along the "How we do it, our DNA".

In this series, we will be presenting several videos and at the end of each video there are a couple questions for you to answer. The following questions were designed for either group discussion or reflection by those of us taking this course online.