our vision

Encouraging a small

revolution of kindness!

When people hear about Common Heart, most people think of our delivery based food pantry, Common Cupboard.  Other people think about the great bargains they get at our Common Things Boutique & Thrift Shop. Others might remember the money we saved them in tax preparation fees at the Free Tax Service.  

What we hope they remember has more to do with how we made them feel: Loved. 

Here's a simple idea: Maybe it really is all about loving God and loving our neighbor. When this idea got a hold of us, we had to put it into action.  

Kindness is love in action.  Kindness is not weakness, it is powerful.  And it is not good enough to just have "random" kindness, it must be intentional.  

Simple kindness, like taking the time to truly value another, to listen, and to care, can change hearts, lives, communities and our World.  

Join us in

this small revolution of kindness!

Bridging the gap together!

The phrase "Bridging the Gap Together" is a great way to summarize the mission of Common Heart.  

We are all about friends working together to help friends in need.  Can we solve all the problems of families in need? No, probably not.  Can we make a difference?  Yes.  Can we reach out with love and kindness, doing it in such a way that folks feel respected and cared for? Yes, we believe we can.  

A community of friends and neighbors, businesses and churches, clubs and associations, can help bridge the gap for our neighbors in need!

Common Heart, Inc is a grassroots 501 (c) (3) organization that fosters volunteer community action to address issues of hunger and poverty focusing on Union County, NC and surrounding areas.  We do this through mobilizing volunteers, creating resources, advocacy, networking and creating awareness.

Let's Join together and serve our neighbors in need.