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New online course

Basic Training for Kindness Revolutionaries

Whether you have just started with Common Heart or are an old pro, we have designed this Basic Training for Kindness Revolutionaries to orientate you to Common Heart. This has been a long time coming, and we are glad it is finally here.

Throughout the past 10 years Common Heart has been mobilizing caring people to love and serve their neighbor. We have been so focused on helping hungry families, preparing taxes, & processing donations, that the basics of who we are, our DNA, has not been often clearly transmitted to our volunteers. What makes this organization different is not what we do, but how we do it. And so this video course has been developed to pass along the "How we do it, our DNA".

In this series, we will be presenting several videos and at the end of each video there are a couple questions for you to answer. The following questions were designed for either group discussion or reflection by those of us taking this course online.  


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Course Catalog

  • Basic Training for kindness revolutionaries

    This is our basic introduction to Common Heart, our vision, mission and values. All volunteers who intend to serve regularly with Common Heart are strongly encourage to attend.  You will be introduced to all Common Heart's programs and be prepared to be part of "a small revolution of kindness."  

    The online beta version is now available.  Click here to register.

    There is no cost for this course

  • Bridges out of poverty - One day workshop

    Training Volunteers & Community Members to Make a Difference

    This workshop helps prepare volunteers and community members to address poverty more effectively. It is through the understanding of the issues of poverty that we can become more effective in removing barriers and helping families as they journey to self-sufficiency.  

    • Bridges Out of Poverty provides concrete tools for a community to prevent, reduce, and alleviate poverty.  
    • Materials used and strategies developed are focused on:  
    • Moving individuals from poverty to self-sufficiency  
    • Reducing social costs related to crime, poor health, and welfare  
    • Strengthening educational attainment and job skills  
    • Improving on-the-job productivity  
    • Revitalizing neighborhoods  
    • Building a sustainable community where everyone can live well
    Next offering will be August 13 at St Francis UMC, Mckee Rd, Matthews.
  • Introduction to Bridges out of poverty (90-minute Workshop)

    Through this presentation we will introduce some of the Bridges Out of Poverty concepts. Bridges is an international workshop that provides tools for churches, social programs, schools, businesses, and communities to understand and assist families in moving from  

    poverty and survival mode to stability and independence.

    The goals of this lunch workshop are to:

    + Expose you to the Bridges paradigm & concepts.

    + Discover how people think and act in survival mode.

    + Understand what is helpful and not helpful in serving families in need. 

    + And understand what we can do to help families gain access to the resources necessary for stability

  • Positive Power of kindness (90-Minute Workshop)

    Explore during this lunch workshop a key principle of this small revolution of kindness. Kindness changes people. Through a combination of stories and discussion we uncover the positive power that kindness has in the lives of individuals, neighborhoods, and communities. 

    Fall Date for workshop to be announced soon.

  • My Name is Rachel (90-Minute Workshop)

    I have been homeless for years,

    Abused as a child,

    And left to figure it out on my own...


    Learn how Rachel’s life circumstances led to homelessness and what made a difference in her life in this discussion-based exercise.

    This is offered in a community workshop.  No date is currently scheduled.