Crowdfunding Volunteers

What is a crowdfunding volunteer? Our crowdfunding volunteers are called by different names depending on what activity they are associated with. But essentially these needed volunteers tell our story to their friends through social media, emails, letters, or in person and invite their friends to support Common Heart with a donation or pledge. We use a sophisticated technology that assists a crowdfunding volunteer by giving them an online platform to raise money and an easy way to get the word out by text, social media or email.

Types of Crowdfunding Volunteers:

  • My Birthday Wish
  • Golf Ambassadors
  • Firecracker Hotshots
  • Love In Action Boosters
  • Our Christmas Wish

This is an easy and fun way that makes a huge impact for Common Heart in the community. A typical crowdfunding volunteer will share our story with 40 people through a variety of sources. Typically $700 - $1,200 is raised providing groceries to 28 - 48 families. With 20 crowdfunding volunteers per type, 4,000 people will hear about Common Heart's vision and $70,000 will be raised!

See below for more information.

Crowdfundinding Volunteer Information & Sign up

  • My Birthday Wish

    Turning a year older? Many of us have everything we need and more.  Others of us have found we are just grateful for another year? Still others have a soft spot for families that struggle to put food on the table, because we have been there?  What a great way to turn your birthday into a big blessing for hungry families! Sign up and  ask your friends and family to feed hungry neighbors in honor of your birthday. Every $25 donation feeds a family in need.  WE suggest that you sign up 2 weeks to a month before your birthday and share your wish on facebook, in emails, phone calls and in person.  Use a website and text app to collect the donations for Common Heart.  Sign up here.

  • Our Christmas Wish

    Beginning on Giving Tuesday (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving) till the end of you we run an annual crowdfunding campaign.  Each year there is a goal set so that we can begin the new year on the right foot serving more families and expanding this small revolution of kindness.  Look for this year's campaign to be rolled out right after the Great Turkey Countdown.  Join us and help make our Christmas wish come true!

  • Love in Action Boosters

    Our largest fundraising event of the year is also a time to celebrate volunteers! In October we hold our annual fundraising banquet, Love In Action.  The way this small revolution of kindness has been funded is through pooling our volunteers' and friends' resources of time, treasure and talent.  Each of our regular volunteers serves at least 24 volunteer hours each year. Many serve 150 or many more hours. A volunteer's time is valuable. This crowdfunding campaign asks, "What is your time worth as a missionary of God’s love in the community?"   $10 an hour? $20 an hour? $100 hour? I don’t know, but I know it is worth a lot to us and the families we serve together. Love in Action Boosters find family members, friends, co-workers, church friends etc. to agree that their time is worth it and ask them to sponsor you for a volunteer hour or two. folks donate $10, $20, $100 -- whatever they like. When they do, they will be saying ‘We value you and what you do serving with Common Heart.’ Let us know you want to be a booster.

  • Common Cupboard Golf Ambassadors

    Common Cupboard Golf Classic is an annual golf outing that raises the money we need to feed hungry families in our community.  A Golf Ambassador plays golf for Common Cupboard as a fundraiser.  Golf Ambassadors use their sphere of influence in the community and business to tell how Common Cupboard helps families in need and to ask for the support of their relatives, co-workers, business partners and friends. Ambassadors have the opportunity to win valuable prizes while doing the sport they love and raising on average a $1,000 for Common Cupboard.  To find out more about Common Cupboard Golf Ambassadors, follow this link.

  • Firecracker HotShots

    The quaint village of Lake Park is the setting for the Common Heart Firecracker Run.  A Firecracker Run Hotshot turns this event into a run-a-thon or walk-a-thon raising money to help families in need through Common Heart.  A Hotshot can be a walker or runner in our 10k, 5k, or 1k, a kid in our Firecracker Dash, or a volunteer who works the event.  Each Hotshot uses their involvement to get sponsors.  To find out more about becoming a Firecracker Run Hotshot, follow this link.